JEE Main 2017 solved paper online

JEE Main is a country wide entrance exam for students who are willing to pursue B.Tech. B.Tech is popularly called as Engineering. The JEE Main exam is conducted by the CBSE Board and independently organized by different IIT’s each year.

JEE Main exam is considered to a very tough exam on account of it’s competition and syllabus.
JEE Main exam comprises of 3 subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Every year around 16 lakhs students apply for the JEE Main exams and only a few thousand students clear the cut off. This is a big problem, but this problem has two parts.

The first part is the fact that the competition actually exists and the syllabus is large, the second part is the shortcomings in the preparation. The most important and the impactful shortcomings in the preparation of a student is, he never prepares keeping in mind the exam.
He forgets that all the efforts of the past 1 year or 2 years has to be reproduced on one single day in three hours in front of a computer screen. He forgets that sub optimal learning will punish them by reducing their ranks by more than 10,000.

Students give tests in their coaching, they take test series, however there’s little efforts seen towards rectifying the mistakes in those tests, or working specifically towards not repeating those mistakes. They are not used to sit for 3 hours continuously and work at full efficiency. Concentrate for 3 hours straight without eating and without distraction.

The only way a student can deal with this issue is through Jee Main 2017 answer Key and jee main previous year paper solutions with analysis online, identifying their mistakes, analysing the reason behind them, rectifying it and making those concepts rock solid by never repeating them again. Once this is done, this process has to be repeated. The preparation has to be progressive and not static.