Month: February 2016

New Way of Advertisements with Digital Totems

What is Digital Totem?

Digital Totem is one of the types of Digital Signage which are made of high definition color totem screens.

It is a tool which is specially designed to display multiple media files.

Digital Totems are used for digital advertisements in order to deliver the customers a nice experience.

They are placed in locations with high traffic such as: hotels, shopping malls and banks.


What are the features?

Customers can click on the product they want to view

Digital Totems support different operational systems including Windows and Linux

The screen can be divided showing different zones of display

The digital signage network can be controlled via remote management systems

There is an adoption of microcomputer inner alarm system

They come in different shapes and sizes

They can display videos, pictures, web based information and slide presentations…

Can outdoor advertising on LED displays prove to be effective?

Confused if to install digital advertising screens inside your company premises for marketing? Are you confused about the relevance of outdoor advertising in this era of social media marketing? Here are some tips for you.

Better chances of attracting people towards ads

People might prefer to ignore ads played on radio, television, and even printed ads. But they would at least look once at high quality video and audio content played in LED displays.

Combination of news, entertainment videos, social media content, and small advertisements would definitely attract viewers towards screens in the organization.

Update your content in just few clicks

Controlling content relayed on multiple screens within your company is very easy. Screens can be controlled with user-friendly digital control panel. Plus, these days there are several content management companies that can take care of your video and image content requirement at affordable price.

Best way to create awareness