Can outdoor advertising on LED displays prove to be effective?

Confused if to install digital advertising screens inside your company premises for marketing? Are you confused about the relevance of outdoor advertising in this era of social media marketing? Here are some tips for you.

Better chances of attracting people towards ads

People might prefer to ignore ads played on radio, television, and even printed ads. But they would at least look once at high quality video and audio content played in LED displays.

Combination of news, entertainment videos, social media content, and small advertisements would definitely attract viewers towards screens in the organization.

Update your content in just few clicks

Controlling content relayed on multiple screens within your company is very easy. Screens can be controlled with user-friendly digital control panel. Plus, these days there are several content management companies that can take care of your video and image content requirement at affordable price.

Best way to create awareness about your products and services

It may happen that people visiting your office might not be completely aware about various products and services offered by your company. So, if you play short videos on LED display panels installed in visitors’ area in your company, your visitors would definitely become more aware about organizational activities.

The information displayed on screens would not only keep people entertained, but it can also influence person’s purchasing decisions. Remember, digital screens display content in form of high-quality video and images. This keeps people’s eyes attracted to the screen.


Such displays offer better advertising opportunities

Put yourself in advertisers’ shoes. Digital screens offer the best opportunity to approach target audiences.  If he or she is selling IT products, their company can simply play their advertisements on digital displays located at places that are frequented by IT professionals.

Similarly, companies selling police uniforms and accessories can show their ads on displays that are located at areas frequently visited by cops.

Display advertising can create better impact compared to other mediums

Outdoor advertising with the help of billboards and digital displays is like tried and tested formula. This is not something as new as social media marketing or search engine marketing.  Plus, it assures certain fixed percentage of engagement level because screens and billboards are part of environment. So, people passing by the concerned site would definitely look at them once.  This is the reason outdoor advertising can prove to be more effective than radio, TV, and even super expensive social media marketing.

Outdoor advertising allows you to use broader exposure as you would be able to target youngsters, businessmen, professionals, and even people from lower income groups at the same time.

Influencing decisions

Research conducted by several agencies that monitoring customer behavior has proved that outdoor advertising can easily impact people’s decisions related to purchases.  This is the reason several shopping malls and super markets have digital displays that play various products related advertisements to attract customers.

No matter if you are thinking about installing video wall or Led sign uk at your company premises or hire some screens for your marketing, you should make sure that you choose displays that are located at relevant locations to attract people.