Month: April 2016

Capabilities of Modern Smartphones


1. Personal Assistant during exercising.

Today, even low-cost smartphones supporting a GPS functionality allow you to monitor the basic parameters of the human body during exercising. In addition to the hardware capabilities of a smartphone such as gyroscope, you will need a special application that will present you with a comprehensive information about the following things: steps taken, distance run, number of calories that you have burnt etc. What’s more, modern HTC phones, or Apple iPhones allow you to monitor all these things without consuming too much battery life!

2. Controlling of a drone.

Capabilities of modern smartphones are truly impressive! A special mobile application allows you to control an actual drone. In this case, a processor acts as control center, and the image data from a drone are transmitted to the mobile device’s screen, so for this purpose, it is better to have a smartphone with a large …

Why COM ports and monitoring them is important

Serial (or COM) port is an interface for serial communication.Through this interface information transfers in or out one bit at a time. Historically data was transferred through serial ports to devices such as modems, terminals, etc. With the invention of USB, Ethernet, FireWire serial ports became less used. However they are an important part of industrial automation systems, network-enabling and lab equipment, scientific instruments, and more.

It is known that Windows OS does not feature any specific instruments for COM port monitoring, so the search has to be performed. But no worries, there is a great software to monitor, log, and analyze serial port activity.

Analyze Serial Port Activity with Serial Port Monitor

Serial Port Monitor is developed by Eltima Software to offer exceptional serial port analysis. It offers monitoring, keeping logs, laying them out in a comprehensive manner. This software offers a reliable way to troubleshoot while developing your …