Month: November 2015

Could Paper Thin OLED Televisions Be The Next Big Thing?


With the introduction of 4K ULTRA HD technology back in 2004, not much has changed in advanced TV tech since then. Surely, the 4K tech evolved during the last decade, but in terms of innovation, nothing new was introduced to the market. Until recently.

A new technology called OLED was introduced in 2012, which took screen and picture technology to a whole new level. Extremely lightweight and as thin as just a few millimeters, OLED TVs deliver even greater viewing experience than LCD or plasma, while at the same time being eco-friendly.

What is OLED?

OLED, or Organic Light-Emitting Diode – is an organic carbon based film that sits between two conductors, which produces light whenever electricity passes through it. The main difference from LED and LCD TVs is that OLED produces its own light with the help of the diodes, while LED and LCD cells need a backlight, an …

Starting a web hosting company with SSD servers

Nowadays, the Internet seems to be an alternative to the majority of people who are tired of trying out their luck in working for other employers or who have bad experience in starting their own business in their local area such as running a shop or a business for local services. Providing products or services on the Internet is also risky, but it takes less money as initial investment and less time as well, which is perfect for beginners in the field of online businesses. Web hosting is one of the fields that more and more people get interested. Web hosting simply means providing a service for individuals, as well as companies, to have websites on the Internet that can be easily accessed and managed. Therefore, if you want to have a web page that is available on the Internet, then you need to have a server provider which you …