Importance of Using Ionic Framework

An HTML based framework that is used for mobile app development, ionic is majorly used in cases when hybrid mobile apps are to be developed. You will learn about the difference between the hybrid apps and the native apps in your ionic framework online training and also understand about the advantages experienced with the hybrid apps.

The Ionic Framework online training in Mumbai will teach you about the basic components of Ionic, its usability and reasons behind wide acceptance. Check out some of the most important features here that will convince you as to why you should learn the ionic and the major benefits of its use.

Cross Platform app development

With the Smartphone market growing, the basic operating systems used in the phones are IOS, Android and Windows. IN an era of smartphones when the world operates on mobile apps, it is very important to develop apps that are compatible with all the platforms. Initially, different codes were written for different platforms but with the help of frameworks like ionic, the concept of developing apps on frameworks that support different solutions is encouraged.


The front end development in the ionic is support by the Angular JS and therefore, you don’t have to worry about the issues related to scalability. Ionic helps you build apps that have high scalability and are very fast in speed.

Simplified App Structure

With the concepts of working with the basics increasing in the industry, ionic helps you provide the best and the most easy to use apps to the users. The apps that are developed in ionic have a simplified structure and a simple UI. Also, the complex concepts like push notifications too can be easily implemented here.

CSS components

The ionic framework has a lot of CSS components and thus it makes the overall coding process easy to work around and implement. There are various CSS features like reusability of the code and customization of other UI elements that can be easily implemented in the ionic. When you save yourself from writing the same code at various places, it saves a lot of time as well as efforts of a developer. Additionally, the reduced code leads to fewer errors at the end of the developer.

Online libraries and support

Ionic framework has a huge amount of online support so even in cases when you feel that you are stuck at some part of the code, the online support and inbuilt libraries can come in handy and make your task easier. Additionally, with huge number of members in the forums on the official ionic framework website, you can post your queries and the developers and other experts will help you get through that.


Ionic framework is completely integrated and the integration of business apps with other apps is very easy thus helping in improving the overall business productivity as well as the performance of the business.

Having known the importance of Ionic, you should definitely learn it if you wish to develop the modern era mobile apps.