Capabilities of Modern Smartphones


1. Personal Assistant during exercising.

Today, even low-cost smartphones supporting a GPS functionality allow you to monitor the basic parameters of the human body during exercising. In addition to the hardware capabilities of a smartphone such as gyroscope, you will need a special application that will present you with a comprehensive information about the following things: steps taken, distance run, number of calories that you have burnt etc. What’s more, modern HTC phones, or Apple iPhones allow you to monitor all these things without consuming too much battery life!

2. Controlling of a drone.

Capabilities of modern smartphones are truly impressive! A special mobile application allows you to control an actual drone. In this case, a processor acts as control center, and the image data from a drone are transmitted to the mobile device’s screen, so for this purpose, it is better to have a smartphone with a large screen. Similar applications can be used to control other devices, such as household appliances, music system, Lights and so on!

3. Using your smartphone as a navigation system and a dashboard camera

The latest mobile smartphones are equipped with a navigation function sending you information on routes, traffic jams and much more, which is highly useful for motorists and even cyclist. The capabilities of a smartphone as a dashboard camera are provided by a GPS-receiver and a G-sensor available now even in budget smartphones. To use this features, you just need a corresponding app, which you can download at Google Play.

4. 3D-scanning of objects.

There are some apps that allow you to scan an object in three dimensions. To do this, you will need to use a standard camera on your phone, and then the program will clearly capture the size of the scanned object. The resulting three-dimensional image can be studied or printed out. To use this feature, you will need an average smartphone with a good camera and the corresponding application at Google Play.

5. Apps for creating music.

One of the great features, which is supported by practically any smartphone, is the use of a music simulator. It allows you to simulate real musical instruments such as a guitar, piano, drums etc. Such virtual music samples are pretty much identical to the traditional sound. In addition to composing music directly on your smartphone, such simulators let you edit your music tracks and create new ones.

6. Using your phone as a flashlight.

Currently, even low-cost smart phones are equipped with LED flash, which in addition to the standard function of backlighting a photo or video, can work as a flashlight. In some models, the switch of the flashlight mode is implemented by default, while others require an installation of special apps.

As you can see, the capabilities of modern smartphones allow you to use them in the most unexpected situations. Today you can buy a smartphone either online and to do this we suggest you visit this page to check HTC smartphone price or at a retail store and get an innumerous number of functions and features that will enormously increase your own productivity!