How Can I Upgrade My Internet Speed?

How fast your computer is able to receive data from the Internet depends on a large number of different factors. The truth is the Internet doesn’t run at the same speed for everyone. In fact, it doesn’t even run at the same speed for many of the ISPs that provide you with your service. So how can you change your Internet speed?

Know Your Service

How do you connect to the Internet in Delaware? Do you have a dial-up connection? How about a Digital Subscriber Line or DSL? Do you get Internet from your cable company or a satellite, or do you get fiber service from Verizon or Google? Knowing how your Internet service is being delivered is the first step in knowing whether you can change services or upgrade your speed. When you do find out how your service is delivered, start by asking your service provider what their upgrade options are.

How Fast is Fast?

Do you know how fast your speeds are for the Internet in Delaware? One good way to test how fast you are receiving Internet data is to use a service like Their service will show you how fast you can download or receive data and also how fast you can upload or send data. These two numbers will help you measure your speed compared to what you might get from other services and help you decide if you should upgrade.

What About Computers and Mobile Devices?

Can you make the Internet faster by upgrading your computer or getting a better phone? The answer is probably not. While it is true that faster computers are able to play video better, for example, or demonstrate better performance with games, the best way to increase Internet speeds is to change service providers or change the way your Internet is being delivered. A slow computer with a fiber Internet connection will get much faster service than a really expensive and fast computer with a DSL or dial-up connection.

Faster Internet speeds can change the way you use your computers and your home network. It can also make a variety of technologies available that are simply not possible with slower connections. It is definitely something to look in to if you make frequent use of your computers and mobile devices at home.