What is a BPM program and how can it help keep customers

BPM stands for business process management. Business process management is any activity initiated by an organization to improve internal operations or workflow, making it more effective and more efficient. In simpler terms, BPM covers how the processes present in a company are managed. BPM and CRM (customer relationship management) for the most part are moving towards convergence. CRM intelligently offers BPM functionality and BPM addresses customer-related affairs. A business process management program is an application that allows to design business processes and execute those processes.

More and more organizations are implementing BPM to increase customer retention rates. Considering that customers are your most important asset, you too should think about implementing a BPM program and enhance customer service experience. If you want to stand out from the competition, that is. No matter what your approach is, here are certain advantages that can be drawn from such practice. This article explores the options available  and discusses the ways in which a BPM solution helps keep clients.

Indispensable BPM programs


Bpm’online is a BPM technology that provides organizations the opportunity to manage as well as optimize their workflow. For bpm’online products, please view the website.

The reason why companies all around the world use this business process management tool is that it:

  • Automates internal processes with BPM
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Deploys out-of-the-box processes
  • Enables process monitoring and analytics


  • Taking control of business processes (monitoring, information analysis, process modelling and execution)
  • Preconfigured elements for creating activities, invoking external services, and processing information
  • Pre and post implementation support
  • Creating forms and basic interfaces in digital format


  • Rich functionality, which can lead to confusion

The BPM works together with CRM, so the two will not interfere. It can also integrate with productivity apps like MS Word and Google Calendar. Success depends largely on how an organization manages to implement Bpm’online. One solution to accomplishing this goal is to seek help from the company.


Nintex is a business process management application that ensures workflow automation. This solution can be used by all kinds of enterprises.

Nintex is characterized by flexibility and ease of use. Other features worth mentioning are:

  • Functionality of exportation and importation
  • Every action is stored in database
  • Helps gain control of business processes


  • Workflow automation platform
  • Adding custom actions
  • Real-time status updates


  • General learning curve
  • Difficult to set up


MetaTask leverages technology in order to organize and control business processes. The standard edition is of use when it comes to automating workflow.


  • Collaboration tools
  • Process modelling and design
  • Data mapping


  • Long configuration time
  • Absence of SSO (Google)

Ways a BPM program helps drive customer retention

As mentioned before, business process management software offers much of the functionality needed to manage the organization’s relationship with existing and potential customers. Software programs like bpm’online studio help improve operations that result in customer dissatisfaction. A BPM program helps companies operating at present in many ways, like making it possible for them to keep their existing customer come back.

Total quality management

To survive in the e-commerce environment, it is necessary to deliver consistency. If customers are not happy with the shopping experience, they will inevitably defect to the competition. By consistency, it is understood unfailing product and service quality. Business process management software enables you to achieve top quality. The question now is how. BPM provides invaluable information to company staff, such as what they are required to do and how they are supposed to carry out the tasks. The result is that the organization can improve the process and provide value to customers.

Identifying events that affect the customer

Retaining and delighting customers is possible if you ensure a positive customer experience. If customers face problems when shopping, you have to address the situation. The good news is that a BPM tool provides the ability to identify issues that customers are dealing with. For instance, customers want and even expect to resume their shopping session. If your online platform makes the experience difficult for them, customers will leave the website. Undoubtedly business process management software enables you to identify problems associated with purchases. Let us take another example. Customers make the transition to a different financial service company at the end of the contract. If you have a BPM program, you can obtain information from current clients and create an alert, so that you know when people are about to exit.

BPM for payment processing

An application like a business process management program aids with payment processing. Basically, BPM makes the payment process easy for customers. Clients do not always have time to pay their invoices and when they do manage to pay their dues, they do not want to waste the little time they have. In order to keep customers, you need to allow them to pay their bills from their smartphones or computers. A BPM tool helps in this situation, facilitating things for clients. What they have to do is enter payment details and pay. Once the transaction is completed, the company receives a notification. By the same token, BPM software empowers users to personalize the customer experience, whether they are shopping online or in the store.

It is important to mention that a BPM program proves to be useful even when it comes to retaining new clients. A program of this kind allows organizations to process more but with high quality. In addition to providing customers value, a business process management program enhances agility, which is necessary in today’s competitive marketplace. While it is true that changes have to made in the company’s practices, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. A good BPM system allows you to keep up to date, meaning to attain a level of adaptability.

It is not to say that business process management software is the only available solution (there is also CRM), just that it is an effective one. The best course of action would be to combine BPM and CRM. However, for that to happen you have to have a solution in the first place. The decision is ultimately yours.