Four things you should do as a writer to win more projects on Contentmart

Social Media, blog writing, Internet media has immersed in our blood and runs through our veins 24×7, making it almost impossible to detach from it. In today’s digital landscape content writing and marketing has become huge, and business houses need to generate high quality copywriting content to stay in the game. Due to which the need for Marketplaces like Contentmart, which are bridging the gap between freelance writers and business houses has never been so crucial.

Today we will be sharing with all the wordsmiths the four things they can do to win more projects on Contentmart.

a) Clear the Advanced Level English Test

This is quite simple and effective if you want to make an impact on your client so that they award you with orders you need to have an impeccable profile. Moreover, Advanced English level Writer tag just adds to your existing portfolio.

b) Become a Verified Writer.

The essence of trust building comes by reassuring your customer that they are in safe hands. Similarly on Contentmart in order to win more orders, writers need to demonstrate trustworthy qualities and what better way to reassure your client that your work is in professional hands when Contentmart gives a vote of confidence by providing you with a ‘Verified Writer’ batch.

To become a verified Writer you need to fulfil certain requirements, which include

  • writing an essay that will be checked and approved by the contentmart editor.
  • 10 finished order with minimum more than 4 reputation score
  • clearing the Advanced Level English Test
  • 100% Profile Completion
  • And finally, you should not be banned or warned for last 180 days.

c) Write a good intro for the bid

The first thing your client sees when you bid for the project is the amount you bid with an introductory message, it’s very crucial to build that first impression by writing a solid introductory message that will explain in plain and simple words why you should get the project. If you have an online portfolio of your work, you can definitely mention that in the message.

d) It’s not a lottery…

Many writers apply the concept of a lottery at Contentmart; they feel that just like a lottery if you have more tickets, higher are your chances of winning. But this could not be further from the truth. If your applying bids in large number then you are doing two major things wrong, first thing is that applying through so many projects you could loose the quality of the application. Secondly, you also might end up getting a project that you weren’t excited about resulting in mediocre quality content delivery.