Don’t compromise with your security when using internet, use private proxies

Internet is a world of resources exchanged over the network. Internet is used for exchanging data, information and to do communication. In the world of computers, internet plays a major role connecting all parts of all the countries in the world and provides resources and information to make use of.  When a person uses the computer to connect internet and access any resources, he or she is connected to the appropriate server to make it possible. The connection is established between the respective server and the person to avail the access.  Important information about connecting the computers to the internet is each and every computer is connected to the internet using the IP address of the corresponding machine.

When a person is connected to the internet, the connection is established between his or her machine’s address and the remote server. This may result in problem that the remote server can get access to your machine and hack the machine irrespective of your knowledge. To avoid this illegal access, we need proxies. Proxies are addresses that protect our machine from the servers by hiding our IP address and other details. Proxy helps you in terms of protecting your machine from illegal access, viruses, worms and Trojans.  The chance of accessing your personal information and files on your computer is avoided using proxies. Anyhow we need to understand which proxy to use. There are two kinds of proxies available for us to use. One is public and other one is private proxies.


Public and private Proxy

The difference between public and private proxy is mainly the security features. The main purpose of using proxies is security, if the security is compromised then what is the use of utilizing proxy servers. The public proxies do not provide reliable security. They are unreliable servers with no security for the users. Since it is open to all with no limitations, the possibilities for security threats and attacks are more. The private proxies are well configured and give you the needed protection. Private proxies are not open to all. The public proxies do not require authentication or registration which leads to security compromise. Since it is free to use public proxies, more number of people start to use the server and the server becomes slow in response.

The private proxies are more secured since it needs proper registration or authentication and it is dedicated to a particular or to a group so that others can’t gain access. Due to this, the server response will not go down and it will stay reliable. For companies and individuals private proxies serves the best preventing illegal access to the computer and protects the secret information, files and important data of your company. The best of private proxy is they are quite affordable and provides high security. That is why many big companies own a dedicated proxy server for them to experience safe browsing, faster access to the servers. You can choose the type of private proxy based on the requirement, either company or individual, whoever it may be.