SIM only Guide

Before you consider SIM only it’s a good idea to know how much your current usage is. This can be done by looking at your last 4 to 6 months bills and calculation your usage and whether you go above your monthly limits every month. If you do not have access to your bills you can also call up your provider and ask them what your usage of minutes or data are.

Various Plans for Your Needs

There are a variety of plans that could cater for your needs. There are unlimited data sim only plans offering unlimited minutes, texts and data should you need it. There are also plans for unlimited just minutes or data. If your usage does not require say unlimited minutes you could choose from a more balanced plan or a custom plan in favour of your tariff needs.

There are online website which can help you match your mobile needs with your current usage. Billmonitor is one such site but you will need your last few months bills. also offer SIM only deals comparison, where you can check for the latest plans online from top UK mobile operators.


Cashback Offers

If you prefer to also benefit from cash back type deals you may want to join one of the cash back websites. There are many deals from networks on offer with cash back deals.

Potentially the most costly part of a SIM only deal is the handset. If you all ready have a handset and will work with your preferred network then you are all set. If you have a handset that is locked you will not be able to avail the network services of a different provider unless you unlock your mobile. there is usually a small charge for this either from the network provider or from a phone unlocking shop.

Know the Contract Lengths

Furthermore SIM only type of deals come in two lengths of contract 30 days or 12 months. The monthly contract offers the best flexibility and you can choose to leave after one month. The fixed term 12 months contract is normally cheaper per month but you will be locked in for 12 months.