Some great features that the DemandForce Saas app presents

DemandForce assures results for your business, continuously, with digital exactness. The fact is that it guarantees that the business of yours is going to reap good returns for the investment made. The Saas app ensures offering your business credibility and optimal functionality by encouraging better networking and improved communication among the sector. This app displays all the information mechanically in your private dashboard and this lets you keep track of your outcomes in real-time easily.

By using this app your business can

Hold on to its existing clients with the help of online appointment requests

All emails that you send out is incorporated with a link to the Easy Scheduler of this app. This enables your business customers to ask for any appointment online at a time that’s fitting for them, even when it is not the normal working hours.  You can also access this Easy Scheduler on the review web page of your business and this lets you accept all such appointment requests that are made straight from Google Places.

Increase the visits made to it

Another thing that DemandForce does is to send out prompt emails, regardless of you having created an incentive or not. This prompt communication gives out a clue to your prospective clients to use the services offered all over again. All clients/customers are free to ask for an appointment, regardless of the time of a day, directly via email. Such reminder emails has shown to get prospective clients back to your business on a more frequent basis.


Remedy the challenges made by your guests

Yet another thing that this app does is to alert your business whenever a satisfaction assessment or review points shows that the client has not been fully satisfied with their experience. This lets your business get down to business and come up with a remedy for the situation instantaneously. A thing that is often seen is making a previously displeased client/customer happy turns him into a loyal and steadfast loyal of your services.

This app also Cuts down on the number of no-shows

This Saas app cuts down on the number of no-shows by mechanically delivering reminders for appointments through text messages and emails. The automated system of the app consists of advance prompts/reminders, appointment confirmations that can be made both ways, and same-day reminders with text message. This also drastically lessens the quantity of time required for making confirmation phone calls. This lets the staff at your front desk offer enhanced customer service to the clients right after they have stepped into your reception area.

With this app your business can create custom-made and targeted email promotional campaigns and in this way boost your general per customer ticket. Now you are able to personalize your operations with incentive plan and messages that boost interest and propel fresh appointments. All messages sent by you are incorporated with a link to the Easy Scheduler of DemandForce. This lets clients ask for an appointment straight from emails that they receive at a time that suits them, even if it is not the normal working hours.