Amazing High-Tech Holiday Gift Ideas

Everyone loves receiving the newest and hottest high-tech gadgets during the holidays. If you have a techie-loving friend or family member there’s some great high-tech items you should consider. Tech gadgets can get pricey but with coupons from Groupon Coupon you can save considerably on your purchase! Enjoy discounts with over 70,000 coupons from more than 9,000 stores. Start your holiday tech shopping now!

Brookstone offers a wide selection of tech products that will satisfy any techie lover’s desires! A fun tech item that can be used to play with friends is the Ollie by Sphero App-Controlled Robot. Ollie by Sphero can speed up to 14 mph while you have complete control over it. Ollie is agile with its tubular design allowing it to spin, drift, turn, flip and tumble with app-powered stunts. You can create your own courses and jumps, conquer your skills, and create custom trick combinations and design multiplayer games with friends. You won’t run out of fun time with Ollie! Ollie is durable and can even be used at night with its glowing LED’s. You just have to connect it to an iOS or Android device with Bluetooth and it’s ready to go with USB charging!


A great stealthy tech gift to give for the holidays is the Rover Revolution App-Controlled Wireless Spy Vehicle. This amazing spy vehicle can go anywhere with its off-road wheels that allow it to go on mission on any terrain. The spy vehicle features a rotating spy camera with night vision for the stealthiest missions. It’s app-controlled so you pair it with an Apple or Android device to control the Rover. The wireless spy vehicle has a 150-foot wireless range and two-way audio letting you listen in on your Rover’s travels and allowing you to transmit your own audio. Use the Rover at night also with its high-tech night vision capabilities! Shop with this unique high-tech gifts from Brookstone with savings on your order with coupons from Groupon Coupon including up to 25% off your entire order.