SIM Only Deals Explained

SIM only deals have seen huge interest over the last couple of years as many are now choosing this type of contract because of what it offers. For many the SIM only arrangements can seem strange as no phone is included with the plan as most consumers are accustomed to getting a mobile phone with a contract deal. Although you have been able to buy a mobile out of contract either SIM free or PAYG for some period now and then get a SIM only deal later. When we say SIM deals there are two popular ones currently SIM only deals and PAYG SIM. Most networks do both types of deals for example you are able to get a 3 SIM only deals as well as a 3 PAYG SIM.


In past you would have had to wait till your contract had finished before you could consider a new phone or upgrade but SIM only you can choose to do so when you like depending on the tariff agreement you are on. SIM only provides flexibility and cost savings if you have a handset already. You number can be easily ported between providers making the transition easy and painless with little loss of service. You will find the top UK network operators offering the best SIM only deals. The major UK networks are Vodafone, Three, O2 and the newly formed EE. There are a huge range of tariffs to choose from. These can be from 3 SIM only unlimited deals from the Three network and Vodafone multimedia deals. These tariffs would suit most consumer needs from heavy users that need unlimited minutes and data to simple plans which just include a few hundred minutes.

SIM only deals are available from 1 month, 12 month and more recently 18 months contracts. The 18 months contract was recently announced by Tesco SIM only. The longer the duration the cheaper the tariff is in most cases and becomes more cost effective as the tariff may include more minutes, texts and data. Essentially you get cheaper service but with the loss of flexibility as you can’t chop and change tariffs midway, unless you are on a monthly SIM only plan.

For reference Pay as you go plans have no commitment as you are not held to a monthly contract. You pay for top ups when you require, although they do cost more and are a hassle if you run out of credit when you need to make a few essential calls. These are ideal for occasion phone users or parents limiting call time to their children.