Responsive Web Design For Businesses

Mobile behavior

Currently most people not only use computers to surf the Internet, the technology in phones and tablets is changing this behavior and has used much more than the mobile itself a computer to search for information. This change in behavior is so present that there are people who only use mobile devices to surf the net and we possibly one day using a computer will become a thing of the past.

With all these new devices there is no longer a standard size of the Internet user’s screen, and because of that the sites and web applications need to be designed to work well in both large monitors TVs and computers such as monitors small as tablets and mobile phones.

Business and responsive web design

Businesses need to allow customers and future customers to have easy access to information about the products and services offered on their websites. Companies should not only keep their website updated but make sure its readable to the largest possible number of users. A readable and functional site on mobile phones and tablets can mean winning a new client or the loss of a current customer to the competition.


Responsive Web Design is a set of techniques to develop flexible sites and applications adaptable to as many devices as possible instead of making multiple versions. This practice centralizes the update process and reduces investment with different versions of site or application.


Using the concept of responsive web design is the solution to many business affairs. We therefore recommend that any web development or web applications project consider the different devices that can be used.

You should also test current web sites or web applications on many devices. It is worth the investment in migrating these websites or applications to meet a wider audience of users.

If your business needs help migrating to a responsive website contact the experts at SkyFall Blue.