A wireless calling bells

Tired of holding on for your guests or deliveries to arrive at your porch? A wireless calling bell is a great option for you to implement a wireless system of bells, both convenient for residences and offices, so you can either implement it at your house, or have the convenience of a more professional reception in your office.

You can install them in many different ways and they don’t have to work only as a gateway communication system. You can have one at your gate, other in your porch and even inside ambients. The only thing you have to do after installing them is keep an eye on the batteries levels. Once in while you have to change them naturally and that’s all.

There are many different kinds of wireless calling bell, though the biggest difference between them is the design of the case. You can opt for designs that are more modern and subtle if you have this kind of decoration at your place, though if your house is more classical and traditional, you can stick with other kind of cases.


Another difference between these systems is the range of the signal. The most basic ones will offer up to 30 m, while others might go up to even 100 m. Is up to you to pick the best kind of wireless calling bell depending on the measures of the ambient where you are going to implement the system.

Advantages of the wireless calling bell system

These wireless calling bell devices do not require any kind of cabling and wiring. Is optional however if you would like to fix them with screws for security measures (here we mean, no one steal it from your house). Most of the transmitter devices have a strong tape you can use to attach them to a wall in the porch or in the gate – the tape also is included for the receiver to be adjusted inside your house.

While the receiver is fine to be installed with only tape, the outside device might not be so cool especially if you live in kinda dangerous streets at night. Check the availability of wireless calling bell that have screw spots for your convenience.